Complete your value chain with professional packaging.

We don’t design just great packaging, we design better tools to work with.
Transport packages and packaging work is often the most sub-optimal part of industrial quality chain. Packaging needs to be designed not just for transportation, but for people who are using them too.
Our solutions help you reach cost savings, operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. We want to lead the whole packaging industry towards people-centered circular economy.

Our Promise

Cut back costs

Together we’ll find an solve the biggest challenge in your logistics chain and packaging. Pay the extra penny now and you’ll be saving money in no time.

Speed up processes

Suboptimal packages slow down your processes and jam your production line. We can speed up the packing and reduce delivery time.

Ship out safely

Our packages secure your shipment and reduce reclamations – and keep your customer happy. Not to mention your warehouse workers.

Maximise comfort

We design for people – with people.
 Our packaging tools are easy to pick up, hold and put down. With handles and all. Ergonomics is economics for us.

Do good, look good

Our branded and high quality packages make you look like a pro – even after you have shipped off your products.

Big ups for nature

We’re sure no-one minds that our packaging cuts down the amount of trash too. Hey, your customers might even require that.

Our Work


The world’s first trash free packaging and return-reward system for e-commerce.

More than 40 fashion stores are using RePack now in more than 10 countries.
RePack can be used over 20 times and its reduces carbon footprint by 80% compared to disposable package.

Fast to pack

Less transport damage

No waste


Fast to assemble transport packaging for the sound­proofed meeting pod.

Instead of plastic and cardboard wraps, the shields are fastened with a screw­driver, quickly and easily – like changing tires for Formula 1. Actually, we managed to cut down the packing time from 1 hour to just 14 minutes.
Handles make it easier to load heavy­weight elements and reduce trans­port damage.

Four times faster to pack

Less transport damage

No waste


Reusable packaging for sustainable home furniture.

Kiezbett designs and produces sustainable home furniture. They use only local wood material harvested near Berlin. Furnitures are hand-crafted by local craftsmen and are transported to homes by bicycle messengers. They wanted the package to be reusable and 100% trash free. We delivered.
Project was executed from sketches to production in 3 months.

Happy users

Great marketing

No waste


We at RePack Design believe that good design is prerequisite for a sustainable business. Our mission is to discover the challenges our partners are facing in the logistics chain and the packaging work.
We help our partners to rethink their business and support them in transition from linear to a circular economy.